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Refer your friends for a chance to win 500 bonus credits this Thanksgiving

November 22, 2016 by The Dingtone Team

Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s celebrate together and enjoy free Dingtone credits.
Refer a friend to join Dingtone &get 20 credits.
The more you refer, the more you earn.

Refer 5 friends, you get 100 credits and 20 EXTRA bonus!!

Refer 10 friends, you get 200 credits and 40 EXTRA bonus!!

Refer 20 friends, you get 400 credits and 80 EXTRA bonus!!

The final winner who invited the most friends to join Dingtone (Must be over 50 referrals) receive 500 EXTRA bonus.

Time: runs from Nov.18 to Nov.24.(only friends invited during this period will be counted for the giveaway.)

The final winner will be announced on Nov.28.

Important Note:

1. The only valid referral link: Open Dingtone, go to More->Get free credits->Earn 20 credits for each invited friend.

2. You will receive 20 credits automatically for each invited friend who signs up on Dingtone. If you do not receive the credits after your friends have signed up on Dingtone, please contact us with your Dingtone ID and your invited friend’s Dingtone ID.

3. For the EXTRA bonus, send us your Dingtone id, the number of your invited friends (at least 5 new users), their dingtone id. Then we will check and manually add you EXTRA bonus. (You can reach us via Facebook, Official Blog or support email.)

Example–>my id:14727659, I invited 5 friends, their id are 16662660,71091406,20966315,14871669,18172684.

4. Users who refer the same friends to both Dingtone and TalkU will only be rewarded once.

Hurry! Limited period Offer, Open Dingtone&Refer NOW!