If I lost my phone and my phone number, would I retrieve my Dingtone account?


The users who have got their Dingtone accounts activated (with password set) can retrieve their accounts as long as they successfully log in their Dingtone accounts. All their account details will be retrieved as well, including purchased phone number, earned credits, and points that are won through Dingtone games.

The users who haven’t got their Dingtone accounts activated (without password set) sadly fail to retrieve their Dingtone accounts even though they have possibly been linked to their phone number.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to activate your account by setting a password for your Dingtone account in order not to lose all your information if your device unexpected got lost or stolen.

To set a password for your Dingtone account, you can tap “More” at the right lower corner of the interface and tap “Account Settings” to enter a page where a password can be set. Moreover, remember to enable “Password Protection” so that your password is required whenever you try to use Dingtone. If your device with Dingtone installed falls into wrong hands, your personal information won’t be stolen.