Free International Phone Calls with the Dingtone App

Dingtone is an online calling app that lets you use WiFi to make domestic and international phone calls for free. Compared with landlines or a traditional mobile service, Dingtone can be used at anytime and anywhere in the world with absolutely no international charges – and, for that matter, without any charges whatsoever! If you want to make free texts and calls online, Dingtone is your answer. It’s consistently ranked one of the best free calling apps on the market.

So How Come Dingtone’s Online Calling App is Free?

We’ve all been there before. You’re on holiday, you make a quick call home, and all of a sudden you’ve racked up an eye-watering charge on your monthly bill. But with Dingtone, you can make totally free texts and calls to any number, landline or mobile, locally or internationally. So you can go wherever you want, and stay in touch with whoever you want.

Dingtone lets you make free phone calls as long as there’s WiFi or cellular signal. It’s that simple.

We give you online free calls without the hassle. Based on secure VoIP technology, calls are connected through the internet. And because Dingtone operates solely online, it eliminates fundamental costs like line rental, base stations, etc. Dingtone directly cuts the cost and passes that saving onto you. So users can make free international phone calls forever.

A Complete Guide to Make Free Phone Calls Using Dingtone

How to Make Free Calls

Simply download the app! Any two users hooked up to the Dingtone app can call and text each other free of charge. If you want to make a call to landlines or mobiles, you just use the credit system. But don’t worry, that’s free too! It’s so easy to get credits to make free phone calls and send messages to regular phones. You could even enjoy free international calls. Just earn credits through a daily check-in, lucky credits, playing games, inviting friends to use Dingtone, completing your profile or doing surveys, etc. It’s so quick, you’ll be chatting away on your international numbers in no time.

The Dingtone Guide to Free International and Local Calls

Dingtone has an easy-to-use interface. If you want to make an international long call, enter the “Call” dial pad, select the country code on the upper left corner, then dial the number: area code (no need to add 0 before area code) + phone number. If you are making local free calls, just dial the number directly. That’s it. No hassle whatsoever.

Getting a Dingtone Phone Number

By default, Dingtone gives you a US number, but you can also choose phone numbers from other countries as well – want to free call your mate from an EU number? No worries. To get a Dingtone phone number, all you need to do is follow these four steps:

Step#1: Tap “Connect” - “My Phone numbers” - “See all” – “Add a New Phone Number”

Step#2: Select a country by tapping “+”

Step#3: Enter area code (i.e. New York – 917) and enter the number list

Step#4: Select phone number, and now you’ve got a real Dingtone phone number

At present, Dingtone provides phone numbers for United States, Canada and European countries.

How to Earn Dingtone Credits for Online Free Calling

At Dingtone, we don’t believe you should have to exchange your hard-earned cash for calls. Instead, we’ve set up an easy credit system with multiple quick ways to earn time on free international calls.

  • Daily Check-in (to earn 1 to 3 credits)

  • I’m Feeling Lucky (to earn random amount of credits)

  • Play Games (to earn up to 100 credits)

  • Invite a Friend to Use Dingtone (to earn 20 credits for each friend)

  • Complete Profile (to earn 5 credits)

  • Watch Videos (to earn 0.5 to 5 credits)

  • Complete an Offer (to earn 5 to 100 credits)

Dingtone’s Free WiFi Calling is Just the Start


We do more than toll free calls. What happens if you miss a call from your friend? We’ve got you covered. Let Dingtone voicemail handle it! Once you have a Dingtone phone number, you can then set up your voicemail. Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Voicemail” – Enable “Use Voicemail”. You can use the default greeting or, if you fancy having a bit of fun, record your own personalized greeting for a unique experience. 

Call Forwarding

You can also set up call forwarding for your Dingtone phone number. Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Call Forwarding” and enter the phone number you want your calls forwarded to.

Block Unknown Phone Calls and Texts

Tired of picking up the phone only to hear the annoying drone of a telemarketer? Dingtone lets you block calls and texts from unknown numbers. Simply tap “More” – “Settings” – “Call Settings” – “Set up Call Block”. And not only does Dingtone let you block unknown phone numbers, you can also block any number you specify. 


Dingtone is not just a free international calling app. It’s all about the personal experience. Do you know you can select different ringtones? Tap “More” – “Settings” – “Notification Settings”. We’ve got a great range of ringtones to choose from, and you can also configure alerts for incoming messages. 

If you’ve completed your configurations but you still do not hear alerts from Dingtone, then please check your phone settings and enable push notifications for Dingtone. 

Conference Call

Apart from free calling friends one on one, Dingtone can be used to make conference calls – no charge for those, either! Tap “More” – “Advanced Features” – “Conference Call” to start a free conference call anytime, anywhere. Dingtone conference calls can hold up to 1000 callers, which makes it a useful tool for remote work or as a way to gather with a group of friends. 

Walkie Talkie Mode

You can use Dingtone as a walkie talkie while you go traveling or camping. Tap “More” – “Advanced Features” – “Walkie Talkie” to start instant voice messaging with your friends selected from the Dingtone contact list.