How to Get a Free Phone Number from Dingtone

Why do I need a second free phone number?

Everyone’s got a work and a personal life, and sometimes they are difficult to balance. It’s too much of a hassle to carry around two separate phones, trying to keep track of contacts on multiple devices. That’s why Dingtone provides a free second phone number for users, all without affecting your old number. 

It’s easy to think you don’t need to get a free second phone number, but if you find yourself in one of the following circumstances, then Dingtone is your answer.

  √ You have international business, or your business isn’t limited to your location alone

  √ Calling is a major way for you to market

  √ You need international calling for your business

  √ You don’t want to mix your job with your personal life

  √ You’d like to boost your business

  √ You want to establish close contact with your customers but don’t want to expose your personal life to them

  √ You have a limited budget for business

What Can Dingtone’s Free Phone Number Do for You?

Boost your business

A second phone number lets you choose a local number to increase its reliability as you contact potential customers. The more customers that lookup where you’re calling from and see a local area code, the more they’ll trust you and the more products you’ll sell. You can register for all of the major social media sites using the phone number as well and the accounts only work for your staff so that you can freely and securely market your business.

Cut business costs

Traditional landline services cost a bomb, especially for a business that makes a lot of phone calls. When you contract a service package, calling to local numbers and calling internationally across borders are parceled into different packages and the provider normally slaps on additional tariffs and charges, some of which are extremely high. 

A VOIP phone number through a WiFi calling app like Dingtone allows you to make phone calls with less money than using a landline or a mobile with monthly bills because no infrastructure or SIM card is used. All you need for free calling is an internet connection. So when you use a Dingtone second phone number for your business, your operating costs will shrink right down. That’s because for a calling app, all numbers are the same whether they are local or international. You can thank the internet for that one.

Separate work from personal life

One phone with two numbers. It’s that simple, but most phones don’t have that option. That’s where Dingtone comes in. We give you a free online phone number so you can have one for your personal life while keeping the other for your job. So not only does your business get an upgrade that saves costs, when you get your free second phone number you protect your personal life from being disturbed by your job. Your second phone number can be called and answered from calling app and your ordinary phone number can be used as you normally would.

Not Only Free, a Second Number from Dingtone Gives You More

Dingtone provides real phone numbers.

Some people try to get free second phone numbers with virtual character strings. But at Dingtone, we are about quality and providing the best service possible for our customers, so we provide real phone numbers to users instead of virtual character strings.

Want to know why that’s important? Although virtual character strings can be also used to make phone calls, they can’t be answered, and they can’t do other important functions like register social media accounts. As you use the phone number provided by Dingtone to call for free, your number will be clearly shown on your partner’s phone screen and he/she will know who’s calling. When virtual strings are used as your phone number, it doesn’t work.

A free Dingtone number lets you call to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Dingtone phone numbers can be used to reach any number, landline or mobile, local or international. Dingtone is a calling app installed on mobile devices so that as long as internet or cellular is available, it can be used to call. It’s that easy.

Dingtone can protect your privacy by blocking unknown numbers.

As a calling app, Dingtone has greater customization options compared with traditional services. On Dingtone, users can set up Call Block to block anonymous callers, callers not in the Dingtone contact list, or specific numbers so that your privacy remains protected. No more weekend marketing calls!

Dingtone’s free phone number gives you unlimited access to calling and text.

With Dingtone you get limitless access to calling and texts with the phone number so that users can call and send messages without worrying about hitting any paywalls or time allowances. That means no hidden charges and no data restrictions, saving your business money.

How to Set Up a Dingtone Free Phone Number

Want to know how you can get a second line for your mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone and Tablet? Just follow these quick steps and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step#1. Tap “Connect” >> “My Phone Numbers” >> “Add a New Phone Number”

The numbers on the list are all your phone numbers you’re using on Dingtone.

Step#2. Choose a country for your number.

Up to now, the countries Dingtone phone numbers cover include US, Canada and most European countries.

Step#3. Enter an Area Code or City Name and then select the phone number you want.

Click the number you want and tap “Continue” at the bottom to enter the payment page.

Step#4. Pay for the phone number.

You can directly pay for the phone number if you’re in a rush to get this number for your business. Or, you can earn credits to buy this number. There are multiple methods to earn credits for free calling and texting. 

Congratulations! You’re now successfully up and running with Dingtone. Say hello to unlimited calling and texts.

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