Mobile Fax: Fax From Your Phone

Don’t let fax machine absence delay your business. There are many situations when you need online fax services.

As you go for business or traveling.

When you go for business or traveling and there are files you need to sign for confirmation, what would you do? There shouldn’t be a delay for your business just because of your absence. If you have an online fax app on your phone through which you can send a fax at anywhere, that won’t take place.

As office fax machines aren’t available.

Fax machines can’t be found everywhere. Different from printers, however, fax machines are extremely difficult to find since they are mostly owned by corporations, not by individuals or small groups. If fax machines can’t be found near you, your business may suffer from a delay or halt. Apparently, that isn’t what you and your team expect for. However, as you hold a fax machine in your pocket, that’ll be amazing.

As you apply for something on the Internet or work from home.

Today’s Internet is so easy to use that people don’t need to go out to get issues smoothly dealt with. Moreover, an increasing number of people would like to work from home for cost reduction and higher flexibility. A fax machine is a must-have tool for office workers while it’s difficult and unnecessary to have one at home.

Advantages of Using Online Fax Services

Easy and Fast

The online fax app can be used at anytime and anywhere on your phone or tablet as long as there’s internet access. Scan, Edit and just Send. So easy, right?

Paperless and Clean

Fax from phone leads faxing to be electronic, which calls for no need of paper. Therefore, it’ll be clean and environment friendly. Users are allowed to edit their signature on the files if there’s need and the signature can be stored as well.

Low Cost

Fax from phone is helpful to cut your cost because there’s no need to buy a fax machine, paper and ink. Moreover, the maintenance cost is saved as well. Besides, you don’t need a telephone line or landline service plan as well.

High Security

Fax online protects the privacy of individuals and groups since it limits the faxing process to two ends or devices. Fewer people will be involved. A fax machine, however, can be used by many people so that confidential files or the ones concerning individual privacy may be exposed to the public.

How to Send a Fax Online on Your Phone

Step#1. Download and Install Fax on your phone or tablet.
Step#2. Open Fax.
Step#3. Fill in the recipient’s number or choose a number from your phone contacts.
Step#4. Scan image or documents or select from local photo gallery, iCloud or other apps like Google Drive or Dropbox.
Step#5. Edit your documents.

On Fax, you can combine multiple images into one file, add a cover page and an electronic signature.

Step#6. Send your fax.

Fax provides a US number to you so that you can send your fax out. As your fax has been successfully sent, you’ll be notified.

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