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Dingtone provides phone numbers for USA, UK, Canada and other countries.You get real numbers with local area codes to talk and text.

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  • Elena Hendershot Elena Hendershot:

    This is the most favorable feature of this app is that you get a crystal voice quality while making calls, you can make cheap and free international calls to more than 200 countries.

  • Waqas Azeem Mar Waqas Azeem Mar:

    Really useful app with lower rates! A great app that can free yourself from your mobile company. Highly recommend to all who need a second phone number.

  • Noah Kahan Noah Kahan:

    I've used this app for making a couple of important phone calls whilst traveling in Japan. The best thing is that you don't have to pay for anything if you download a game and keep it open for a minute or watch a video for 30 seconds. Crystal clear calls without a delay! Highly recommended

  • Joey Lopez Joey Lopez:

    Ever since I have Dingtone I saved a lot of my money on phone calls. It is so convenient for me and I can use it anywhere even when I’m out of the country. The call quality is pretty good. This is the best app I have for communication better than others like Skype.

  • James Charles James Charles:

    I must say this is a useful free calling app. I have worked in a foreign country for 3 years, Dingtone is one of the apps I used most. I use it to get a free second phone number, make free international call, it saves me a lot of phone bills. People around me are now using digntone to communicate with their families.

  • Asher Wellish Asher Wellish:

    It helps me to keep in touch with my families even when they don't have a phone casue this app can allow me to call both mobile phone and landlines. I have used for almost 2 years and it was proved very useful and reliable. With this app, I make cheap even free international callls and send sms text messages no matter where I am.

  • Jennifer Decker Jennifer Decker:

    This app came in handy when I needed it most. My phone service was disconnected when I had an important phone call to make. This app made it possible for me to make the call without having to go borrow someone else’s phone! It really made my day!

  • Megan Grant Megan Grant:

    I’ve used this app for nearly 3 years and frankly speaking it is very reliable and useful as a free texting app. There are many call app out there in the market, but this one should be the best based on my past experience (tried many phone call app when i was abroad). Thank you Dingtone.

  • Trever Faden Trever Faden:

    Best things in life are always free. This phone call app offers free texting and calling services to users all around the world. Super useful if you are abroad and need to communicate with your families very often. I worked in another country half a year ago, I still keep this Dingtone phone number to call and text with my families because it is free and convenient.



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